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The operational Excellence Competency Assessment is practising by more than 100 of manufacturing organizations globally


All the questionnaire is competency-based designed by our Certified Lean Master.

Build Lean Culture

Build Lean culture in you business with proper guidance and quick implementation.

Designed by Experts

Designed based on the standard of successful World Class organizations by Lean Master Research & Development Team

The science behind a competency-based assessment is simple enough. It is there to assess if an employee is able to deliver their task and how well they can complete it. When fully and properly utilized, you will be surprised how this can do wonders to your organization.

Manufacturers Common Challenges

The Operational Excellence Competency Assessment is a practical assessment designed according to the Lean standards by our Lean Master Trainers team.

Lack of Skilled People

Lack of Knowledge

Unhealthy Company Culture

Employee Resistance

Data Source: Barriers to Implement Lean Manufacturing in Malaysian Automotive Industry

Designed by
Lean Expert for Manufacturing

Get your team implement Lean effectively

Simple & Result-Driven Solution

The Operational Excellence Competency Assessment is a practical assessment designed according to the Lean standards by our Lean Master Trainers team.

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Assessment & Analysis

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Choose Your Preferred Training

Step 3

Constantly Improvement

Organization Excellence Formula

Based on the concept of Lean, you can dissect and analyse your organization in these respective sectors - Leadership, Profit, People & Planet. As long as each sector is operating in a Lean manner, your organization will be in tip-top condition.


Having the skills, motivation, vision, strategy and charisma to engage and move all levels of employees in an organization towards achieving continual success, growth and sustainability.


Fully engaging a highly motivated and empowered workforce who are driving value, innovation and profits for the organization thus, enabling the people to become back-bone of excellence.


Ability to achieve operational excellence and innovation culture, and provide a customer-value-centered product which generates high and growing profitability to the organization.


Supporting and working towards a sustainable earth. Reducing environmental hazards and carbon footprints. Being responsible in innovation and achieving green operations.

How Lean Helps These Big Brands


Toyota is one of the pioneer companies to adopt Lean Management and has a successfully transitioned from a looms production company to a company producing automobiles.


Using the power of Lean, they were able to transform the working conditions in their factories and reduced non-compliance to labour law by 15% in a short period of time.


In efforts to increase growth and profitability, UEM Edgenta has their very own Lean Program. While focusing on healthcare and technology, they have already seen a jump in 21.8% of after-tax profit.

Training Needs Analysis
Made Easy


Completing the entire assessment takes about 30 minutes, all that is required from employees is to honestly rate their capabilities following each statement based on a scale of 0 to 5.

Comprehensive Reports

Results will be shown instantly upon completion of the assessment. Your employees will receive a thorough report on their need to focus on. In addition, the report also comes with a list of recommended training.

Management System

Team supervisors and company HR will be kept in the loop about their employees' performance. They will also granted access to a custom account which is specially designed to manage their employees' accounts and assessments.

Analytics Dashboard

Get an overview of your team's performance at a glance. The analytics dashboard helps you in decision-making by providing the insights you need.

Employees' Wishlist

With this feature, you don't have to second guess about what your employees want. Providing them with the option to indicate the specific training(s) that they are interested in is a form of empowerment.

Course Recommendation

We understand that providing training to employees can be a hefty investment. Thus, it is important to provide training that adds value to your employees. Base your selection on our list of recommended courses and see actual returns on your investments.

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Lean Master & Certified Innovation Practitioner

Our Lean Consultant, Mr. JR Victor has more than 20 years of experience consulting and has helped companies from all over the world to rise up to achieve their full potential.

  • Helped clients acquire hundreds of Millions of Dollars in savings due to operational improvement and innovation
  • Trained more than 10,000 people across two continents and certified more than 500 Lean Masters
  • 30 Years experience in Manufacturing Operations and certified Lean Master (USA & Japan)
  • Trained by former Toyota VPs in Japan on Toyota Production System, Hoshin Kanri (Strategy) & Leadership

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